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Big Cat
Big Cat
Panther Hero
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King Panther is ready for next birthday party superhero training with an awesome costume, awesome theme games, & awesome props.
Thank you for everything!  Sydney and all of her friends had a great
time!  We will definitely work with your company again!

Here is the link to pictures. The black Panther was simply awesome.
Take care,
Thank You we had a blast and he is such a good character!!!!
Some of these characters are accompanied by a human helper
wearing our company uniform during the visit.
Mean Green Hero, Big Panther, Iron Hero, Orange Rock Hero, &
Tree Hero do maximum of 45 minute visit.
The Face Painting & Balloons packages are done by 1 person (
the same person helping the character).
Pictures & Happy Birthday song are done within the time frame
you select.
Pictures are of the actual costumes, activities, and Props.
Travel Fees may be added depending on the party location.
Some Areas may require a minimum package.
Add 2 Hours of Fun
90 minutes of Face Painting (Hand,
Arm, or Cheek designs) along with 30
minutes of Balloon Art for
Superhero costumed character birthday parties in Houston always have birthday kids that want to make a memory. These give a ways help with that!
Give aways- 1 Laminated
Super Hero I.D. Card for
birthday child, 1 Hero Kit for
birthday child,
&  rings to share with the
30 minute visit $150
45 minute visit $175
1 hour visit $200
Activities include- crossing the Swamp, protecting
yourself with the Shield, stopping Thanos' Gauntlet
with the Spears, using the Chatram Disc to knock over
the Idle, and avoid the Armored Rhino.
Rent our big cat for a fun Houston birthday party with awesome props and superhero training.
Hero rental available for this super popular costumed character with an excellent costume amd superhero traing that will impress the kids and the adults.
Rent this hero when you want a memorable event with great games and props for your houston birthday parties.
This is an A+ picture with some dedicated heroes with this superhero for Houston area birthday parties.
Video 6
Have an awesome super hero costumed character to your Houston birthday party. Great costumes, great games, & great props