Hire this costumed characterb entertainment for Houston area birthday parties that love this Bristish pig.
Rent this mascot party costumed character to have this fun loving girl pig at your Houston birthday Party.
British Pig
The Face Painting & Balloons packages are done by 1 person
Pictures & Happy Birthday song are done within the time frame
you select.
Pictures above are of the actual costumes.
Travel Fees may be added depending on the party location.
Minimum package may apply depending on your location.
Character is accompanied by a human helper.
Add 2 Hours of Fun
90 minutes of Face Painting (Hand, Arm, or
Cheek designs) along with 30 minutes of Balloon
Art for
30 minutes $150
45 minutes $175
1 hour $200
Games include-
Splashing in the Mud Puddles, Get
the Ducks out of the pond,& Picking
fruit in Grandma Pig's Garden
The Birthday child gets a
Prize bag and Rings to
share with Guests.
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