Activities- 2 to 3 small prop driven games like throwing the Battle
Hammer, find the Autobot with the periscope, defusing Megatron's
Bomb, punching rocks, and Hurling the Electro Bolt.
Pose for Pictures & Sing Happy Birthday
Give aways- 1 Laminated Super Hero I.D. Card for the birthday child, 1 Hero Kit for the birthday child,
&  rings to share with the guests.
30 minute visit
Add a Photo Backdrop or Photo Prop
* the pictures will take place during the last 15 minutes of the character time-
unless otherwise instructed

-We Need your Help Protecting the City-
The Team Leader receives a Hero I.D. Card to gain Entry to Training-
-Deactivate Megatron's Bomb-
-Throw the Battle Hammer to Destroy the Dynamite-
-Remove Items without setting off the Alarm -
-Track down your Fellow Autobot with the Periscope-
-Snap Action Pictures & Sing Happy Birthday to the Leader-
-The Leader receives a Hero Kit & Finger Rings for the Team-
-Schedule Early-
Robot Heroes
Red & Blue Robot-
7'8" tall- Mouth Moves-
spinning lights in 4 places dish-
lights in 4 places-
glove logo projector

Yellow Robot-
6'8" tall- spinning propeller
lights in 5 places-
glove logo projector-
plasma ball plasma cannon
These characters are accompanied by
a human helper wearing our company
uniform during the visit.
These characters do only 30 minute
The Face Painting & Balloons
packages are done by 1 person ( the
same person helping the character).
Pictures & Happy Birthday song are
done within the time frame you select.
Pictures are of the actual costumes,
games, and Props
Travel Fees may be added depending
on the party location.
Some Areas may require a minimum package.
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