*Characters games must be done on a flat, dry surface. If it has rained within 7
days of your party please make plans for us to NOT BE in the grass or dirt- we
want our props to remain clean & dry for all parties we perform at- this is how
you would want it for your party :)
* Back drops must be set up in doors so they do not blow over in the wind
*Brick wall prop doesn't come with 30 or 45 minute hero visits-
*Elaborate Props & Games come with Character Visits ONLY
***During extreme heat- our characters must perform inside when Temperatures
hit 96 degrees so we don't risk injury. Thank You for understanding
* game numbers based on about 10 participants
*Visa/ MasterCard/Discover/  Cash--- No Personal Checks
*Balances paid on the party date must be presented UPON ARRIVAL OF
1st staff member.  Do not attempt to give us a personal check.  Staff
are instructed to LEAVE if this happens-- NO EXCEPTIONS
*  Booking Fee IS REQUIRED FOR ALL EVENTS in the form of a Debit or
Credit card -
non-refundable , can be applied to new date if   rescheduled & completed  within 90 days of first booking
*Listed Prices are Cash Balance Only- Call for Card Balance Pricing
* Your event is not scheduled until you have made a booking fee  payment
* Your balance may be paid by credit or debit card no later than 5:00pm the
Monday before your party-- this will allow the transaction to be fully processed
before your event
*  The balance will be due on the day of the party as soon as the 1st person arrives
* Additional Gas & Toll Charge may apply depending on your Event location...
our starting point is the Galleria Area... all Gas & Toll charges are in relation to
this centralized part of town
* If you move your party and it is in an area where a travel fee applies, you will
be charged that fee.  If you are vague when giving the party location and upon
mapping/getting directions, your location is indeed in an area where travel fees
apply, you will be assessed that travel fee
*WE DO NOT GO TO SOME AREAS:  No Museum area facilities such as
Houston Zoo, Hermann Park, MFAH, Museum of Natural Science, Children's
Museum, etc.  **If you book us for one location and try to change it to one in
TREATED!  Do not let children hit/grab characters, gentle hugging is OK, but
please monitor your children.  Please do not let children hang on the Face      
Painter while she is trying to paint.  This prevents her from doing her best job. Do
not allow children to take our supplies.  We are entertainers & artists, NOT

guests have not arrived by the time we have arrived, we will not be able to wait, we
will have to stick with the originally scheduled start and end time.  Please do not
(or have anyone else) tell the entertainer to wait outside because the clock will still
be ticking and we will still end at the scheduled end time and you will end up
losing out on precious entertainment time.  When we arrive on time we will leave
on time.

*Our female artists might request to have a male escort her to her car to make
sure that she feels safe.  Please honor her request.  We want our employees to feel
safe and secure at all times before, during and after your party.

* We do not Suggest that you have a Costumed Character for a Birthday child
over 8 years old

* If you are having older kids at your party - you should talk to them about
keeping it as real as possible for the younger kids. This means they should play
along with the act- they should not try to make younger kids not believe in the
character by saying rude things!

* Our stand alone FacePaint & Balloon Animal packages are a 2 hour minimum-  
Please do not try to get the artist to stay past the agreed upon time frame.  She will
gently explain to the kids that she has to leave when the time is up.  Our departure
might be upsetting to some kids or parents, but we do our best to be kind when it's
time to leave. We have to make sure that we are on time to our next event.  If we
make kids balloons and they want a second balloon or a replacement if it pops we
might not be able to make it. If we are working on the face painting when a
balloon request is made - we will kindly inform the child that after everyone gets a
painting we will do our best if time permits to make another balloon

* Cancellation Policy: if any part of entertainment cancelled with less than 7 days
from the date  of the event, 50% payment is required. If any part of the
entertainment is cancelled with 72 hours or less from date of event, 100% payment
in full is required. If you cancel with less than 72 hours' notice, you will lose your
booking fee  and if you plan on rescheduling, we will require full payment in

A Holiday Charge will be added to the Following Days- Halloween- Thanksgiving-
Christmas eve- Christmas Day- New Years Eve- New Years Day- Easter- Memorial
Day- Labor Day- Independence day- Mother's Day- Father's Day
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